Transferring from another League?

Here is what you will need to do, to join Atomic rollergirls

Transfer skaters, from other leagues, are welcome at any point throughout the year / season. In order to transfer to Atomic Rollergirls, a skater must fully resign* from their former league. Transfer skaters must also provide a letter of recommendation** from their team captain or lead trainer / coach, stating that they are currently or previously** an active league member, in good standing, with no current or ongoing issues. League members on suspension from their current league, are not eligible for transfer to Atomic Rollergirls. 

All transfer skaters will be required to pass a minimum skills assessment, prior to participating in any scrimmages or game play. 




*If skater is a member of a Recreational League (non WFTDA member), it will be required that Atomic Rollergirls be selected as the skaters "Primary League" under their WFTDA registration. Transfers from WFTDA recognized leagues, must resign completely from their former league. 

**If a skater has not been an active member within a league for at least two (2) years, a referral letter will not be required.



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